Candace Caamaño, SAMP, PMP®

Founder/ Principal Strategist

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Candace Caamaño is a first generation Cuban American on a mission to help others achieve a personal vision for their business and lives. She was inspired to enter the marketing world to merge her two passions of business and design after encountering the plight of talented individuals who didn’t have the business savvy to support themselves by doing what they loved. 


While completing her undergraduate degree in business management, emphasis in entrepreneurship from San Diego State University, she joined an environmental start-up as VP of marketing, which sold three years later at an offer up to $10 million. 


Acknowledging her passion for the arts, Candace took time off to explore creative pursuits in the visual arts and merchandising industry, which later led her to patron many of San Diego’s museums and gallery scenes. Upon returning to business school, Candace led a team of peers to design and produce a regionally distributed poetry magazine with content curated by submissions from underprivileged children in the San Diego area aimed at raising awareness to the realities and complexities faced by the impoverished child’s life titled, “The Voice.” 


After completing her business education, she launched a private consultancy in downtown San Diego, representing clients working with some of the most affluent business moguls and philanthropists of our time including Japan’s Dr. Kazuo Inamori, head of Kyocera Corporation and sponsor of the Kyoto Prizes. Shortly thereafter, she continued her education at Stanford University and is a certified Stanford Advanced Project Manager, holding the highest industry certification title of PMP.


When she’s not researching industry trends and supporting clients, Candace spends her time between Orange County and San Diego, pursuing new ventures and a charity project, Heart.




220 West G Street, Suite A

San Diego, CA 92101

619 892 8577


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